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"Following Love" The album

 Scintillating, elegant vocal jazz in swing with the times.


From Joey Starr to Micky Green or Hubert-Felix Thiéfaine, Faby Médina is at home with all kinds of musical styles, works alongside numerous French and international performers, and draws inspiration from each of these encounters.


First backing singer, then solo artist, and now singer-songwriter, lending her voice to the Claude Bolling Big Band for the past fifteen years, Faby is spreading her wings. Her compositions blend swing with be-bop, adding a pinch of pop to arrangements, a touch of soul in the voice, and occasionally a ray of sunshine in rhythms that evoke her Caribbean origins. Her lyrics tell of the excitement of new encounters, of the kind that transform our lives for ever, the empty space left by a loved one, or the joy of a baby being born. Poetic renditions of moments in life. Along side these original compositions, Faby offers her versions of some of the evergreens, such as George Gershwin's Someone To Watch Over Me, Early Autumn by Woody Herman, and a tip of the hat to pop with Blackbird by The Beatles, written in tribute to African Americans' struggle for civil rights.


Intimate and rich, elegantly performed, Faby writes her own story with Following Love, her very personal debut album that brings a new flavour to vocal jazz.


Claude Bolling & Friends

Claude Bolling & Friends 


"Avec Claude Bolling & Friends, le maître du Big Band offre un jazz classique en formation réduite. Les talents d'écriture de Bollington conjoints au brio de ses instrumentistes invités permettent une approche épurée d'une musique qu'ils excellent à jouer depuis plus de vingt cinq ans en big band.


"Un Claude Bolling pianiste et une sensation de générosité amoureusement sophistiquée qui donne à cet album un statut d'ambassadeur de la vivacité toujours actuelle du jazz classique"

Patrick Frémeaux

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